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นิทรรศการภาพถ่าย "HEAD HANDS SHOES"

นิทรรศการภาพถ่าย "HEAD HANDS SHOES"

นิทรรศการภาพถ่าย "HEAD HANDS SHOES" ผลงานโดย Gerardo Simonetto จัดแสดงระหว่างวันที่ 9 - 30 กรกฎาคม 2565 ณ 6060 Arts Space

Photography Exhibition

9-30 July 2022

Artist | Gerardo Simonetto

Program Description The photo series “Heads, Hands, Shoes” was a film photo project first created to redefine what is a portrait of a person. How to get to know a person more deeply and their journey in life to reach the place they are today. I photograph various artist who use creativity in their daily career, it does not have to be traditional art, nor music, but sometimes in poetry or food. Each individual gets three photos, one of their head in a traditional horizontal portrait image of their head. The Head represent the person’s mind, thoughts, imagination to conceptualize ideas and dreams. The second image shows their hands holding the tools of their craft and possibly one hand showing the front side and the other hand showing the back side of their hand. The Hands represents actions of those ideas, to bring ideas in to reality and the tools they use in their artistic journey. The third and last image shows their feet or shoes, the shoes represent the famous quote “Walk a Mile in my Shoes”, for people may have the creativity and imagination, the tools at their disposal, but without the journey of hardships and challenges nothing can be created either. A more modern version of the quote by the rapper Eminem says “You’d have to walk a thousand miles in my shoes just to see what its like to be me!!” that people may relate more.

1. Heads: The person’s mind, thoughts, imagination, vision
2. Hands: The person’s hands to create, take action to bring ideas to life, and physical tools.
3. Feet: Or Shoes, the person’s journey in their craft to reach the point where they are today.

Exhibition date: 
9 Jul 2022 - 12:00 to 30 Jul 2022 - 20:00