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นิทรรศการ Indigo Monsters Return

นิทรรศการ “Indigo Monsters Return”

นิทรรศการ “Indigo Monsters Return” ผลงานโดย วิภู ศรีวิลาส (Vipoo Srivilasa), ชิน โคยาม่า (Shin Koyama) และ เป๊ปแปง แวนเด็น นิวเว็นไดค์ (Pepijn van den Nieuwendijk) จัดแสดงระหว่างวันที่ 14 กุมภาพันธ์ - 10 เมษายน 2563 และจะมีพิธีเปิดในวันศุกร์ที่ 14 La Lanta Fine Art 2563 ณ ละลานตา ไฟน์อาร์ต : La Lanta Fine Art

La Lanta Fine Art is pleased to announce a group exhibition “Indigo Monsters Return” by 3 international artists; Vipoo Srivilasa (Thai/Australian), Shin Koyama (Japanese) and Pepijn van den Nieuwendijk (Dutch).

“Indigo Monsters” began in October 2010 when the three artists first met at the capital city of blue and white porcelain, Jingdezhen, China. Here, they worked collaboratively to celebrate their shared passion for porcelain and the color of white and blue.

It has been 5 years since the first “Indigo Monsters” project debuted in La Lanta Fine Art, Bangkok in 2012. As the name suggests, the artists choose monsters as their subject due to the strong traditional and local connotations, as well as a powerful global contemporary resonance. The color ‘indigo’ is obligatory in this collaborative exhibition.

By revitalizing the historical ties that connect Holland with both Japan and Thailand, the artists aims to investigate different ways to trade ideas between the three cultures. In this sense “Indigo Monsters Return” is a response to the seismic power shift taking place, from the west to the east. It is also a model for how artists can address the economic, cultural and environmental monsters to which this shift is giving birth.

Exhibition date: 
14 Feb 2020 - 10:00 to 10 Apr 2020 - 19:00