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นิทรรศการ "The Brightest Dark"

นิทรรศการ "The Brightest Dark"

นิทรรศการ "The Brightest Dark" ผลงานโดย Mila Suki จัดแสดงระหว่างวันที่ 26 มกราคม - 17 กุมภาพันธ์ 2562 และจะมีพิธีเปิดในวันเสาร์ที่ 26 มกราคม 2562 เวลา 19.00 น. ณ JAM

The Brightest Dark - Exhibition by Mila Suki

Exhibition dates: 26 January - 17 February 2019

The first solo exhibition of Bangkok based, Israeli photographer/new media artist, Mila Suki, titled 'The Brightest Dark', as much a rumination on the outside world as a reflection of one's inner space.

7pm - Midnight, Saturday 26 January 2019
Live audiovisual performance by Michael Honeycomb, and DJ set by Iggo Frost.
1 keg of free refreshments from 7pm, courtesy of Asahi Breweries.

Mila Suki is an artist and photographer who commenced her photographic journey with traditional 'still photography' in the mid-90s. Mila then transitioned and adapted into the digital world where her mixed 'media art' creations were produced. The majority of Mila's work is expressed in black and white with occasional 'splashes' of colour.

Mila believes that: “B&W is the origin/root of photography. It is capturing a piece of history in the present time, it peels the noise and strips the subjects just to leave you, the viewer, with raw, clean beauty that exposes their vulnerabilities”.

She is inspired by surrealism, avant-garde, dark street photography, bizarre and sub-styles culture.

Mila is renowned for picking up a perfect-imperfect images with her lens along with moments and situations from all over the world which she processes to create a place that reflects on one's train of thought. She has travelled and lived in Israel, Europe, New York and Tokyo, however, is based in Bangkok for the past 9 years where she will experience her first solo exhibition in Bangkok.


Is a Photo-Graphic-Feeling concept.
It entails about telling a new story from an old one. It is a new creation born from the ruins of another via cutting graphics and moulding them into shapes that express feelings which lurk inside the alleys of one's mind.
It's about evolving | It's about change | It's about the whole picture

Exhibition date: 
26 Jan 2019 - 18:00 to 17 Feb 2019 - 00:00